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Screen refurbishment saves money, reduces waste & retains the original display panel.

Watch us replace just the glass on an iPhone 12 Pro Max

Brief steps,

1. Remove screen from device & prep the glass

2. Pre-heat the screen

3. Cut the glass off, retaining or removing the touch-panel

4. Clean off old glue

5. Detail the original display panel, it must be clean & flawless

6. Position & laminate new glass & cure the adhesive

7. Reassemble device

Glass & touch panel replacement on an iPad

Save money, reduce waste, retain original display

You’ll see how we cut off the glass, then remove the remaining touch panel. The touch panel is the copper bit you can see us cut / peel off around 17 seconds in.

Glass only replacement on an Galaxy S10

Samsung OLED screens are often very expensive. Watch how we remove the broken glass from this Galaxy S10 and replace it.

Glass only is only viable if your display fully works. 

On some models, your touch must fully work too. In this video, the Galaxy S10 must have a fully working touch to be suitable for refurbishment.