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Currently available in-store only. We are working on a version that can be fitted by the customer*


We can make over 95% of all models. We can also accept a scanned image of your device and we can design and make the screen guards for you.


Key product points

• Works on Curves

• Case Friendly

• Self-healing*

• Custom-made in the UK

• High impact resistance

• Near invisible

Not made of tempered glass = no cracked & chipped screen guards


New era

Introducing a new era of screen protection designed to support the curved nature of all modern mobile devices. ClearShield is Case-friendly, made from a flexible shock-absorbent TPU with self-healing capabilities when dented from an impact. 



• Edge to edge protection & high impact resistance *

• Flexible, self-healing shock absorbent TPU layer*

• Stays bubble free once all of the bubbles have dispersed

• Excellent clarity

• Precise cutouts and no large gaps


Near invisible




 Works on curves

 Perfect Shine

Works on smartwatches too, example below is an Apple Watch Series 3


Additional information

* Edge to edge protection - we leave a very slight gap to allow your case room to fit. 

* Self-healing technology means that the screen guard will heal itself within days of an impact or dent. As with any product, everything has physical limits so major dents and impacts may not self-heal. 

* Nothing is unbreakable. ClearShield uses the latest shock absorbing, self-healing TPU technology - but again, everything has a physical limit. We do not wish to mislead you by saying your phone will be indestructible, as nothing is.

* Images are for illustrative purposes only. You will not receive any devices from the photos used.


ClearShield is an independent product and has not been authorized, sponsored, or otherwise approved by Apple Inc.
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