About Techbase

Techbase first opened in Llandudno back in January 2011 and traded under the name Fonebooth. Offering mobile phone repairs, tablet repairs and device protection, we quickly grew a loyal customer base and have served Llandudno ever since. 

We rebranded in 2016 as Techbase, along with a new colour scheme and logo. The rebrand aimed to give us a more corporate look & feel and represent more of what we do, rather than the name being focussed primarily on phones.

Moving in to 2019, we outgrew our small store which served us well for 8 years. Techbase re-located to a larger store within the same shopping centre. This move enabled us to stock more products and offer more device repairs on-site, including screen refurbishment.

During 2020 the retail sector (along with many others) got closed for a while and we had some time to think about what we’re doing and improve our offering further. Towards the end of 2020 we started selling used / pre-owned / refurbished devices, ranging from mobile phones, to tablets, smart-watches and even some laptops. This has since became a key area of our business. 

At the time of writing this about section, we’re nearing the end of 2022, approaching Christmas and we’re excited to continue serving Llandudno and surrounding areas in to 2023 and beyond.

Thank you to everyone who has supported us over our (almost!) 12 exciting years. 

We're always looking for feedback.

If you have any comments, thoughts, suggestions, compliments or complaints, we want to hear them! 

Listening to what people have to say about us and to us, is how we learn, adapt and grow. 

All comments will be taken on-board and are massively appreciated!