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Sim Pin & Adapters

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Sim Pin & Adapters

This set includes 

• Pin for opening sim trays

• Nano Sim to Micro Sim adapter

• Nano Sim to Mini Sim adapter

• Micro Sim to Mini size Sim adapter 


Note - Mini sim is the normal sim card you're likely to see in most mobile phones up until the last few years. The old FULL SIZE sims stopped being used a long time ago, they're the size of a credit card. See chart below for more info.


SIM card format and size comparison
Height Examples of Devices using it
Full-size 3.37 in (85.6 mm) (credit card size)
Mini-SIM 0.98425 in (25 mm) Almost any mobile phone up to the last few years
Micro-SIM 0.59055 in (15 mm) iPhone 4
Nano-SIM 0.48425 in (12.3 mm) iPhone 5, 6, 7 etc