Lifetime warranty on all screen replacements! Open every day.


All of our repairs come with Techbase warranty* for peace of mind. This is a minimum of 12 months and on screen replacements, it's for the lifetime you own the device.


*Warranty covers defects and faults. For example, the display's faulty or the touch doesn't work, we'll replace it*


Refurb warranty.

If you have had your original display panel refurbished and your touch or display fails, it may or may not be covered. If the display fails during the refurbishment process, we will replace it with an original or aftermarket display depending upon availability and viability. If the display panel fails after the refurbishment process we will inspect the screen and make a decision on the cause of failure. Damages will not be covered. We do not always replace the touch panel during refurbishment. Please speak to our team for more info.


Warranty claims

We will never unreasonably deny a warranty repair. We will only deny warranty work if there's physical or liquid damages or if an unrelated component has failed. For example, if we replace your screen and further down the line your original battery needs replacement, this is additional work as we haven't changed the battery. Our warranty covers faulty / defective parts. 


*The warranty does NOT cover physical damages. If for example you have a screen replaced and you bring it back to us smashed, we will NOT cover it.


*Liquid damage will invalidate all warranties.