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Tempered Shield / Tempered Glass

Tempered Shield for iPhone 5, 5s. 5c & SE

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Regular price £14.99
Tempered Shield for iPhone 5, 5s. 5c & SE

Tempered Shield for iPhone 5, 5s. 5c & SE


Clear, Matte & Privacy finishes are available for this product

This is a high quality tempered glass screen guard for your mobile phone. 

No screen guard is indestructible! This screen guard will reduce your chances of damaging your device. 

• High impact resistance

• High scratch resistance

• Thick coating on top layer of glass

• Rounded edges for a smooth finish


Note - images are for illustrational purposes only. We have a few different designs of packaging for this product so the packaging your product comes in, may vary to the image shown here. 

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